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The Accessibility Guild is a comprehensive platform that provides accessibility education through interactive courses, expert-moderated forums, and curated resources and tools. Here you can find other like-minded heroes, explore new concepts and ideas, and broaden your accessibility knowledge through our courses and curated resource library. 

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What will you find here?

There are multiple paths to accessibility. With our resources and a welcoming community by your side, you will be empowered on your accessibility journey every step of the way.

A Hall for every niche

Join your fellow heroes in common Halls like UX design or engineering, or create new groups based around unique interests like accessible data visualization, inclusive colors, or assistive technology options. With privacy at the core of our groups, people can even organize private Halls to discuss their disabilities.

A new kind of accessibility school

Members of the Guild can pick and choose courses from any discipline across digital accessibility and digital inclusion. All 150+ micro courses provide multiple ways of digesting content, including text, videos, and code labs. Test your knowledge and ascend the ranks, then help others just starting their journey!

A hearth to gather around

Head to our forums to network with people across the globe, explore new topics, and discuss the latest in accessibility. All forums have content moderation to ensure spaces are welcoming, and accessibility experts monitor all public channels to make sure every question gets answered.

A library of curated treasures

Membership to the Guild includes access to our resource library, an ever-growing collection of expertly vetted resources in accessibility and disability studies. Our advanced search with filters, as well as rating and comments from other members, can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You won’t get lost in our library. 


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12-month Subscription


Original Price$600.00