Our Quest


Our quest at Digital A11ies is to enlist, educate, and empower the digital community to make the web more accessible for all. 


A world where technology works for the community to empower everyone to not just participate, but flourish in the digital landscape. 


We believe accessibility is for everyone. 

For the world to be made truly accessible, everyone from accessibility experts to leadership needs to participate in the process. In our quest to normalize digital accessibility, we aspire to meet people where they are in their journey and help them start thinking more inclusively, one step at a time.

Our culture is one of life-long learning, led by curiosity and humility.

When it comes to accessibility, there is no possible way to know everything. In a world with ever-evolving technologies and a wide variety of access needs, there’s always something new to discover whether you’re a novice or a pro.

We value and uphold a disability-first mindset. 

As a nonprofit founded by people with disabilities, we hope to set the standard for what a truly accommodating workplace can look like. We extend this philosophy to our programs and services by centering disabled voices and building with accessibility in mind. With us, you can rest easy knowing disability is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe people will do good if they are empowered to do so, and accessibility is no exception. 

A truly accessible web is possible, but it’s not here yet – there’s work left to do, and people who want to do it. We believe the problem doesn’t lie in a lack of empathy, but in a need for better resources and tools.